DPH 3.17 Rules

A look back through empty bottles

The day after the Dublin on Doyle's drawing is wonderful opportunity to reflect back on the year. As we pulled down the bottles from the wall we get a chance to see people who came to celebrate and to mourn, but mostly to share that experience with others. There are birthday & anniversary wishes. Celebrations of engagements, weddings, births, holidays, a favorite team winning or just a random Thursday. Expressions of love come in many forms on empty Jameson bottles. Some more sincere than others, but all are heart & liver felt. Some show real artistic expression while others show the effects of what used to lie inside, but all of them share a common hope of going to Dublin.
The thread which runs through all the bottles is the shared experience and it is a wonderful feeling that we were the place that you wanted to share it at. So thank you so much for a year of memories and we look forward to the next.

Friends & Family Tribute Bottles.jpg2.51 MB
How do they do that.jpg3.31 MB
Memorial Tributes.jpg2.84 MB
Randomness at it's best on bottles.jpg3.54 MB
True Artistry.jpg2.83 MB

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