Wasn't this where I parked last week?

St. Patrick & The Circus Tent

The 4,000sq/ft tent will go up on Thursday the 14th as will the 20 foot TV screen.
The doors will open on Saturday the 16th at 8am for English Premier League and Corned Beef Hash. At 10am Wales plays England in the final round of Six Nations rugby. The Supporter bus to the Sounders vs Timbers match departsa at 3 pm for the 5pm kickoff. We will be showing that match on the big screen in the tent. After the match Ethan Tucker will take the stage in the tent followed by Stay Grounded. Once they rap up around 10pm we head inside for The Flat 5s.
SUNDAY St. Patrick's day the doors open at 6am. Music begins at 3pm with The Bog Hoppers. They will play throughout the day with brief intermissions punctuated by local rock gods Manhammer, The Fucking Eagles & Phasers on Kill. Pierce County Pipes & Drums will make an appearance as well.

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