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Win Free Sandwiches For A Month!

We are going to add a vegetarian sandwich to our menu and we don't want to make it the Meatless Doyle's Dip. So we are asking you to help us out. Give us your best ideas and we will pick the winner. The winning submission will receive a FREE sandwich (any sandwich on the menu. It does not have to be your winning sandwich) per day for the month of your choosing. So please start submitting your ideas. You may submit them here, Facebook, in writing to the bartender or bring us a sample. Thank you in advance for all the tasty ideas. The winner will be announced May 1st.

We're going to put in a

We're going to put in a vegetarian sub to our food list and all of us don't need to make it the actual Meatless Doyle's Drop. And so we have been requesting to help us out there. Give us your very best tips and we'll find the winner. The particular receiving distribution may be given a FREE OF CHARGE sub (any sub on the food list. It not need to be the receiving sandwich) on a daily basis for your 30 days of your respective picking. And so you should commence submitting your ideas. You could possibly submit all of them here, Fb, written towards the bartender as well as deliver us a sample. Appreciate it beforehand for all your tasty tips. The particular winner will be introduced Might initial.spelling check portuguese

We will put in a vegetarian

We will put in a vegetarian sub to the menus and we will not wish to make it the actual Meatless Doyle's Drop. Consequently we're asking to help all of us out. Supply all of us your very best suggestions and we will find the success. Your receiving submitting will certainly obtain a TOTALLY FREE sub (any sub about the menus. No need to be your own receiving sandwich) every day for your 30 days of the choosing. Consequently you need to start uploading your thinking. Chances are you'll post all of them right here, Facebook, written towards bartenders as well as provide all of us a sample. Appreciate it before hand for all you tasty suggestions. Your success is going to be introduced Might initial.addicting games

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My favorite vegetarian sandwich

Toasted whole grain bread
Portabella mushroom, sliced and sauteed in butter
Red onion pieces
Avocado slices
Mayo on one side
Green leaf lettuce
Slice and enjoy

Drunken Mushroom (vegan with vegetarian option)

Grilled Corina demi-baguette
Cremini mushrooms sauteed in ale
Crispy onions
Housemade vegan aioli

Add swiss for vegetarian version.

A vegan aioli recipe: http://www.veganseatpencilshavings.com/2011/10/01/eggless-aioli

Vegetarian sammich recipe

Grilled cheese and pear sammich

Bread (thick cut)
plum jam
havarti cheese
thinly sliced pears
toasted almonds

Butter outside of bread. Spread plum jam on inside. Cheese, pear slices, toasted almonds, another slice of cheese. Top off with slice of bread. Grill like a panini.