Anderson is a young man deeply rooted in the rich, southern culture of Nashville, Tennessee. His passion for grunge and punk rock music during his youth inspired him to seek out new experiences beyond the familiar confines of the South. In the summer of 2021, Anderson moved to Tacoma, craving the vibrant energy and broader horizons of a larger city. In this new chapter, he discovered that cooking was a bridge to his past, a way to stay connected to his roots through the familiar flavors and humble dishes he grew up on.

Driven by a profound desire to serve and contribute to his community, Anderson found his place in the culinary world. His journey led him to McMenamins, where he honed his skills and embraced the fusion of his culinary passions with his altruistic pursuits. Now at Doyle's, Anderson continues to merge his love for cooking with his commitment to community service. Always ready to share a story, he invites patrons to ask about the simple, comforting dishes that remind him of home.