Meet Courtney, a gal with roots from a small Oregon town. Her journey led her to Tacoma, where she pursued her love for history and graduated from PLU. Dance has been her constant companion since childhood. Teaching dance became her calling, and for over a decade, she nurtured budding talents while fostering a sense of unity and expression.

Courtney’s story took an unexpected turn when her innate ability to manage recitals and dance moms caught the eye of her best friend. This led her into the world of restaurants, where she enjoyed transferring her skills into the realm of customer service. 

She is an enthusiast of the mystical, crocheting, tending to her beloved plants, and exploring various art forms. However, none can contest her heart's devotion to her feline companion, whom she cherishes above all else.

Courtney’s true passion is her commitment to community-building. From dance studios to restaurant floors, she loves to weave connections and foster belonging.