Denim, born in 2003, hails from a quaint town at the northernmost tip of Texas, where the rich traditions of southern cooking and warm hospitality shaped his early years. With a passionate affinity for hip-hop, his eclectic influences blend seamlessly into his vibrant personality. In 2020, Denim ventured just an hour away to a bustling city, intent on honing his culinary skills. His career flourished as he immersed himself in diverse gastronomic environments, from esteemed steakhouses to bustling movie theaters.

A significant turn in his life came in 2022 when he met his partner, inspiring a bold vision for their future. Together, they orchestrated a move to the verdant landscapes of Washington in 2023. Now, Denim brings his unique blend of southern flair and culinary expertise to Doyle's, enriching our community with his innovative dishes and infectious enthusiasm for food and life.