The year was 2253...A comet streaked across the sky and crashed to Earth. What emerged from the wreckage was a baby with a pair of shakers in his hands...not rattles. Slowly he began to learn the way of the people of Earth. Sincere curiosity to creating a customized drink, flavor pairings, genuine hospitality, a wry comment at no one's expense and surveyor of places to see and be seen. These will have to do until the Emperor of his planet calls him back to fight for his people against the evil galactic syndicate of tedious disregard. He can think of no better way to serve the people of Earth...y'know until he saves the galaxy. In all seriousness Gianni has been bartending in the area for several years and takes the craft seriously. The bars he has worked behind have kept him humble in the knowledge that he does not know everything, which keeps him excited to learn more and more. Movies, music, improv, theater, are surefire ways to get the banter going while he customizes the perfect drink that your day and mood call for.