While you may be heading down to Doyle's in search of a fine scotch on the rocks, Jill finds contentment looking for rocks and gemstones native to the PNW wilderness. Whenever she isn’t behind the bar, she is often outdoors enjoying our beautifully lush state. “Home” for her means hiking, camping or nearly any activity involving water. Born and raised in WA, she finds any opportunity to explore and appreciate what our state has to offer.  In her youth, she graced the world with her dance moves and clarinet melodies for nearly a decade. Now, her passion for music is ignited when she attends electronic music events with her friends. She gained proficiency of the service industry at The Powerhouse in Puyallup where she learned to serve and bartend. She moved on to Crockett’s Public House where she furthered her understanding of craft cocktails. Now, she resides in Tacoma and can be found mastering the knowledge of spirits at Doyle’s Public House.